That’s all, folks!

November 14, 2016

From 2004-2016, The Coveralls provided family-oriented, classic rock music throughout Ventura County.  With each year the band continuously reinvented itself, expanding it musical repertoire. All things must pass but 2016 was one of our best years so we’re definitely ending on a high note.

We’d like to thank all of our loyal fans and some of the best and most appreciative customers including:

                                  -City of Oxnard

                                  -City of Thousand Oaks

                                  -The Oaks Shopping Center

                                  -Thousand Oaks Alliance for the Arts

                                  -Thousand Oaks Library

                                  -Rotary Club of Westlake Village

                                  -Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks

                                  -Route 66 Classic Grill

..along with countless private parties and organizations who asked The Coveralls to perform at various functions.  From huge stages, to stages made of hay bales, to vineyard weddings,  to backyards with dog poop land mines, we sincerely appreciated the opportunity to perform for each and every one of you.

And now a trip down memory lane……………..

The Coveralls founding members:


Pat Murphy, Steve Honig, Jeanne Archer

Alex Cabrera & Tony Anzilotti


2007 :  Bill Davis joins the band as drummer following the departure of founding drummer Steve Honig:



2010: Mike Catania joins as guitarist for The Coveralls following the departure of  founding member Tony Anzilotti:

2010: Performing at The Oaks Shopping Centeroaks-3

2011: Scott Spindel joins the band on guitar following the departure of Mike Cataniasample5

2012: The Coveralls redistribute singing duties following the departure of founding member Alex Cabrera:gig-salad-photo

2014: Keyboardist and music composer Trevor Howard joins the band:DSC_6135 (3)


The Coveralls 2016:

Trevor Howard (keyboards);

Jeanne Archer (bass);

Pat Murphy (guitar);

Bill Davis (drums.)

2016 The Coveralls

Thanks also to our production team members:

Publicity: Noel Salvatore

Photography – Anthony Amorosi

Videography – Greg Marra

Recording Services – The Sound Palace


Thankfully this guy never operated our sound board for us:


Final editorial: Please support live music wherever possible.  DJ’s, while neat an efficient, can never replace the emotional impact of an excited crowd interacting with real musicians. In our view, recorded music is best left to home stereos, radio, and the interne.

And here’s a little information from behind the scenes. Between load in, setup and tear-down,  musicians work very hard for far less than minimum wage. And have you ever considered the incredible investment in instruments, amplifiers, microphones and speakers made by musicians who typically manage day jobs and balance other family expenses?  Yet few are performing for the monetary compensation. Financial support is not the goal. Rather, the support they seek is actually inexpensive – just an investment of your time. An hour or so and you’ll be surprised at at how much you’ll enjoy the time.  Yes, bands derive their real support through the attendance of friends and neighbors at musical performances that are largely free!

So leave your money home but get out and explore the local music scene.


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Coveralls - Bill Davis

Bill Davis

Coveralls - Trever Howard

Trevor Howard

Coveralls - Pat Murhpy

Pat Murphy

Coveralls - Jeanne Archer

Jeanne Archer